Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creature Animator of the month

Hi guys i have been selected as the creature animator of month, yippee, feeling very proud and happy.

Please check this link


Creature Animator Of The Month

Every month I select an animator who deserves recognition for excellent work.

It is an opportunity for me to highlight students who have completed the online course to a very high standard.

October/November belongs to Deepak Venkatraman.

Deepak is an extremely fast learner who really adapted quickly to our techniques
here at animationaTeam.com. He hadn’t completed much animation before starting the course
but soon proved he has a natural instinct and flare for this kind of work.

He required absolutely minimal feedback from me his tutor, using initiative
and a fantastic eye for subtle nuances that are so important in creature/character animation.

Have to say I was extremely impressed by Deepak.

Animation sequences completed on my course by Deepak:

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